Gol Afshan 1

Arranged and Performed by Fariborz Lachini
Vocals: Pari Zanganeh
Music Album Length: 38:04

Catalog: PZ01

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1. Gole Pamchal 02:50 MP3 Buy Gole Pamchal MP3(256K)     Sample  Sheet Music Gole Pamchal PDF Buy Gole Pamchal Sheet Music Gole Pamchal PDF
2. Baroon Barooneh 04:10 MP3 Buy Baroon Barooneh MP3(256K)    
3. Shekare Ahoo 03:38 MP3 Buy Shekare Ahoo MP3(256K)    
4. Aziz Joon - Darineh Jan 04:39 MP3 Buy Aziz Joon - Darineh Jan MP3(256K)    
5. To Bio 03:23 MP3 Buy To Bio MP3(256K)    
6. Gol Afshan 03:50 MP3 Buy Gol Afshan MP3(256K)    
7. Jan Jan 03:13 MP3 Buy Jan Jan MP3(256K)    
8. Day Balal 03:32 MP3 Buy Day Balal MP3(256K)    
9. Lay Lay 03:57 MP3 Buy Lay Lay MP3(256K)    
10. Ayrilikh 04:52 MP3 Buy Ayrilikh MP3(256K)     Sample  Sheet Music Ayrilikh PDF Buy Ayrilikh Sheet Music Ayrilikh PDF