My Pink Shirt

Original Music by Fariborz Lachini

Synopsis: Regency is a 15 and half year old, fatherless young woman. Having to face her mother succumbing to the AIDS virus, she must survive on her own. With her mother on her deathbed, she is forced to prostitute to feed her addictions, attend to her mother’s needs, and pay the rent. My Pink Shirt is a tale of the loss of humanity, betrayal, and addiction. Will she endure all of these forces and prevail?

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mahdieDec 6th, 2013
میناNov 6th, 2013
ArnikaNov 15th, 2012
fSep 2nd, 2012
ostad be dashtan hes shenvaiim minazam pas az shenidan in ahangha
mohammadjavadMay 13th, 2011
salam ostad man salhast ba mosighi va taraneh zendegi mikonam ro chand ta az mosighihaye shoma deklame mikonam
Riva FlexerMay 24th, 2010
I believe I used to know Estela's Ivan Fainmel (an artist) in the late 60s -I think it was he who was a friend of my parents in Montreal.
awara abdullah hassanDec 16th, 2009
دستت در نكنم من تنها بة زوبان كوردى سوحبت مكنم...خيلى خوش حام
حامد May 24th, 2008
سلام استاد لاچيني من به آهنگهاي زيبايي كه ساختيد
عشق ميورزم
javidMay 18th, 2008
ersal konid lotfan
EstelaDec 26th, 2006
Is the associate producer the same Ivan Fainmel who was living in the East Village around 1964-65? I was studying at Cooper Unian, he was living with his younger brother.
arashSep 8th, 2006
koushaMar 22nd, 2006
moosaFeb 7th, 2006