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Nicola ConfortiApr 18th, 2012
Musiche eccezionali
suzanJun 27th, 2011
Hello Mr Lachini I,m Verry Glad Because I can Find Your Site And I can Send Message For YOu.I Hope One Day I Can See you.Bye
Janie HatzenbuehlerMay 30th, 2011
Once again my day is made a thousand times better by your astoundingly beautiful music. Thank you.
Dina LasheenEGMar 21st, 2011
As always Mr Lachini , only the best.
lohrasb Mar 13th, 2011
you are amazing!
Vicky CostanzoMar 11th, 2011
Each piece tells a story and makes you move! I love your music! Mr. Lachini!
DUNYAFeb 24th, 2011
Fiona MartinFeb 22nd, 2011
Pam WolfeFeb 22nd, 2011
You are incredible, your music is magical
thank you for sharing your gift to all of us
Love and Blessings
hmbensingerFeb 21st, 2011
absolutely beautiful and brilliant
Pam WolfeFeb 18th, 2011
Your music is so beautiful
Kelly MarbachFeb 13th, 2011
NatashaJan 22nd, 2011
There is no way to simply describe your music. Saying I love it would simply offend what it made me feel. The way it flowed had me captured in a way that would never release me. With your melody, it swayed my soul and left me breathless for more. There is so much emotions in every piece and I can feel it every time I play it. No matter the mood I am in before pressing play, I role right with the waves that come straight at me. I applaud your music. For it is not talent but magic that you have the ability to wield and share with the rest of the world. And for that, I thank you.
Even at 17, I know how to appreciate something so pure.
ElenaJan 4th, 2011
It is the most beautiful music that I`ve ever heard.
Ava ParsiDec 19th, 2010
Mr. Lachini, what is truely unique about all your compositions is the fact that you are able to turn each one of them into a masterpiece. Personally speaking, I would expect a composer to compose one or two memorable songs that grasp my attention but in your case, all your compositions are memorable and captures the essence of peace and love. It is soothing to the soul and mind. I absolutely adore your work. You are a true music genius.
YosefNorwayDec 14th, 2010
my live ar in your pino melodi .
Michael MillerDec 11th, 2010
singularly spectaclar music , discovered you on a thread of pandora music.......a lifetime waiting for music that so moves the spirit.......may you ever rejoice others hearts with such beauty.............
Linda Fels ElgartDec 8th, 2010
Oh so wonderful
Litto Paul BacasDec 7th, 2010
baharNov 16th, 2010
i love ,love,love this.wish can download all of them.thanks for your creativity
katya Nov 8th, 2010
i truly love this
MehranOct 27th, 2010
I love you
ProfPrattOct 24th, 2010
Fariborz Lachini, hot apple cider, and grading DFDs: 2 out of 3 isn`t bad! :-)
Laleh RazanyOct 23rd, 2010
really love it
Mohamad TolabiOct 22nd, 2010
i love u I LOVE YOU
ProfPrattOct 7th, 2010
after being offended at a LV show, I have retreated to the safety/beauty of Fariborz Lachini and grading databases. I like my little bubble.
MaysamSep 27th, 2010
Fantastic dear Lachini. Only `LACHINI`
emilieSep 12th, 2010
So beautiful ! remindes me of Iran and everything I loved and left
alirezaIRAug 20th, 2010
HI Mr LACHINI. I hope for u health always and thanks so much for your super music work. I love u forever. (Shiraz)
yasinJul 6th, 2010
you`re very popular in iran, your music is very relaxing and i always listen to your tracks ,
PaymonJul 5th, 2010
best pianist ever. My friends and I in college and grad school listen to your music room while studying all the time!
nagui famJun 27th, 2010
your music clean the soul, and help us to forgive other`s mistakes
ealnazJun 21st, 2010
i always listen to your songs and i love them. Thank you mr.Lachini.
MichaelaJun 13th, 2010
Bis zu den Tränen berührt!
God Bless You!
nagui fam EGJun 2nd, 2010
thank you mr lachini for composing such sensitive and touching music, your music gives us the hope of that romantic taste of music still exist.
Mandana FazeliMay 30th, 2010
I LOVE your music, that`s all!
choi euibaiKRMay 28th, 2010
your music i like very much.
God Bless You !

Seoul, Korea
golnazMay 7th, 2010
aghaye lachini...asheghe karhatoonam...I can`t put to words the emotions that run through me when playing your art...
Farshad TehranchiApr 29th, 2010
Thank you for being an Iranian Legend.
Your music takes me where I like to be in.
To sweet wiped off memories I had in purgatory.Where I blonged to.
Thank you to make me approach the holly spirit.
God bless you.
Ali Apr 24th, 2010
I`m speechless!!!
Kawthar Al-MousawiApr 22nd, 2010
your music makes me cry allow me to say that ur music is better than beethoven himself, i sware .. ur a legend u r better than any1 had plyed on piano or will .. i adore u man may god bless u ... i think ur an angel to have such feelings and fingers .. with love from kuwait
Neusa ChicoskyApr 11th, 2010
Tua música é divina
pejmanMar 17th, 2010
  • Thanks a lot Mr. Tootoonchian
omidFeb 21st, 2010
salam note buye diruze 3 va 4 key miad?
  • pegah: oomadeh vali dar iran hanooz chap nashode. mitoonid ba karthaye shetab be soorate downloadi tahiye konid.
rnasadie8Feb 16th, 2010
you can sense the pasion on every key...this is music
aliFeb 15th, 2010
salam ostad . man kamtar az 1mahe ke ba karatoon ashna shodam . taze fahmidam ke che ostade binazirio nemishnakhtam . vaghaan fogholadeid !
ELi AlaeeFeb 13th, 2010
ta vaghti ke hamishe tu khunamun 1 piano bood ghadresho nadunestam, harvaght ahangaye shoma ro mishnidam ba 1 poshtekari miraftam ke dobare beshinam poshtesh o dobare shoru konam.hichkas az ruzegar khabar nadare, hala dige az pianom ham door shodam o ba shenidane ahangaye shoma arezuye navakhtane un ahangha baz ham tu delam zende mishe,amma midunam ke 1 roozi belakhare be in arezu miresam.
will.cosFeb 12th, 2010
Just makes me feel good! I love his style and flair.........
tbruno1Feb 11th, 2010
Everyone should check out @FariborzLachini on iTunes. His music is incredible. #solopiano #classicalmusic
aliFeb 9th, 2010
kheili mokhlesim agha
Kostas GotsopoulosGRFeb 9th, 2010
Katia ValioghliFeb 9th, 2010
baray man darune nahoftam hastid behetoon na tanha man ye melate ba ruho ehsas dorud mifereste bashe ke surud hay dard mande ma ru be shadi tabdil konid rasti age shoma chand nafar nabudid key ghazaye ruhe ma bood mibusam un dastani ra ke be sabt miresuneh
Hamza BenamarCHFeb 8th, 2010
Twas The Uprising Of The Leaves, Twas Autumn
I love this melody. I hope to one day stroll the gardens in Japan and play this track.

A Fan in Switzerland
Amin KolahdouzFeb 8th, 2010
I feel very moved when I am listening to your heavenly music. I used to listen to your works while I`m thinking or analysing a problem in my major.They`ve been a source of inspiration to me and revive my imagination for coming up with new ideas! Dear OSTAD, as an unknown but big fan I am very thankful for all those lovely melodies which I`ve lived in so far!
GhaeBelgiumFeb 6th, 2010
I loved all of these cd`s and i already owned most of them, all I can say.. Splendidddd.
  • thanks Ghae for supporting our music. it means a lot to us.
dody ziFeb 2nd, 2010
Amazing Music
Abdullah İçimdekibiri Feb 2nd, 2010
bir dikili taştan gayrı nem kaldı ?
Roda UyanıkFeb 1st, 2010
Excellent ability! Dear Fariborz Lachini, your heart flowed my ear. Thanks...
NeginFeb 1st, 2010
I know piano and lachini songs.I love pianos song
hamin suJan 27th, 2010
Nazanin Darya DEJan 23rd, 2010
Salam be Ostade gerami. Aghaye Lachini man Music shoma ra kheili dust daram makhsosan yeki az ahanghaton ra (Tamanaye Mandan) va har vaght Mizanam besyar lezat mibaram Omidwaram salian e sal zendeh o Payandeh bashid
Reza SadeghianJan 23rd, 2010
awesome music. keep up the hard work.
Banafshé HsJan 23rd, 2010
wowowowowow i love playing his songs on the piano!!!!!!!!!!!
ponehFRJan 16th, 2010
salam.aghaye lachini man ba ahangaatoon zendegi kardam...vaghean khodam piano kar mikonam vali omidvaram roozi mese shoma besham ke fek nakonam..shoma ye doonied
michaelDEDec 27th, 2009
guten abend!herr lachini
mein name ist michael ( germany) vielen dank fur den netten abend.
ich hatte gern piano .
gute nacht .
AmalSADec 27th, 2009
I fell in love with your music! it`s amazing how deeply it touchs my soul. going to buy all your CDs =D

love from saudi
mehdiDec 26th, 2009 architect hastam va taze mosighio shoro kardam.ertebate tangatangi beyne harmoni memari ba mosighi hast.lotfan komakam konid
  • Pegah: In ketab ro tosiyeh mikonam:
    The Music of the Primes: Searching to Solve the Greatest Mystery in Mathematics
stephanieDec 14th, 2009
Your music deeply inspires me. I purchased Golden Autumn 1 and 2 and can`t stop listening it. It`s genius.
Ali Khatib-ShahidiNov 20th, 2009
dear ostad,
i am ali your old student. I am now in london,and am still enjoying playing your tracks and i also practice the notes u had given 2 me 2 practice.
Ali Khatib-ShahidiNov 20th, 2009
i love u
renee yvonne smith somersUSNov 6th, 2009
my students were making fall leaf prints as we listend to this. They could hear the sound of leaves falling to the ground. very peaceful.
akuOct 30th, 2009
DinaOct 30th, 2009
Ya Allah, your website opening piece is so elevating! It took me so far away I got lost..

And these`Salam` compositions reminded me with long lost childhood in Cairo off-lanes where I grew up.

I will surely listen and enjoy your beautiful music...
ParvanehOct 26th, 2009
very very very NICE
ehsan yarmohammadiSep 30th, 2009
the golden autumn whirlwind in autumn is the best
nahalAug 19th, 2009
i had the pleasure of being one of mr lachinis students in USA. all i can say is one of the best people i have ever met in my life
MahzadAug 4th, 2009
your music the best. i love your music
K.AJul 4th, 2009
fariborz .You do not need to mention that your music is of Persian,Eurpean or any oher flavour .it is simply absorbed and enjoyed by any appreciative Soul.
AtassiJul 1st, 2009
Life afterall is a melody and your outstanding music superperly reflect this fact . I only regret not having introduced earlier to this unique talent .keep up the excellent work .
khattarJun 27th, 2009
your music is soul penetrating and miracle healing.legendary in fullest sense.
danielJun 11th, 2009
You have changed my life with your music, you are the best.
RoseMay 3rd, 2009
Mr. Lachini,
I was listening to an internet radio station and came across your music. I was stunned. Curiously, I looked you up to find out that you are Iranian! I am Iranian as well (both parents), and was born in the U.S. When I heard your music, I had no idea that you were Iranian and was so excited when I realized you are. You are extremely talented and your songs completely put me at ease. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. You make me so proud to be an Iranian.
AvaApr 11th, 2009
Mr. Lachini I simply can`t express my feelings about your songs. Almost all the songs that were the most famous, beautiful, and memorable were composed by you. I`m sure all persians grew up with your songs. Every time I hear one of your songs I feel disoriented from my surroundings and it takes me back to my childhood. You are simply the best. Your music tauches every heart who hears it. I just cannot understand how incredible a composer can get to write the best songs not only for famous Iranian singers but for the whole world to enjoy it. Every time I feel sad about something I can express my complex feelings through your music. I cry every time I hear them. You should be proud of your talent. I`m sure everyone who listen to your songs can agree to the fact that we never get tired of listening to the same piece of music composed by you over and over again. Wishing you the best. Thankyou.
RafaMar 18th, 2009
Thank you Fariborz for this beautiful music and music sheets , I have been looking for these sheets for years now, I only found your site now
TalalMar 8th, 2009
i know that a child cries when mess some thing , or ask for something , but Adult hearts cry for loosing close person , homeland , holyman, beloved.
but what make me wounder, how could such piano melodies enforce someones heart to cry,feel in sadness , tender, complex feelings that refresh every time listened to those melodies, talk and ask, answer and reply for many new questions , till now i can`t express Mr Lachini , if this is a miracle , i will respect it , but all what i know , that u r that close from the heart, that will make a beloved get jelouse, u took that space , and resided in that place,any person restricted to reach how close u r .
Mr. Lachini , give me the honor email you personaly, i got lot to tell you about.
TalalMar 8th, 2009
salam Mr Lachini,
i am from Lebanon, and i wrote u before ,and got a nice reply from one member of ur team , i have heared beutiful piano melodies before , but yours are the most of them all.
i wish if we can find albums here in lebanon , but useless , i triedd my best , all what i got till now is an old cassette, and i play it carefully.
i wish to get ur answer as soon as possible.

ElleFeb 17th, 2009
Salam Agaeh Lachini,
I hope you still remember me.:) Man Elnaz eh Kashani hasatam. I was your youngest student in San Jose, (3 years old), along side my brother Alborz. I still fall from chairs but nobody puts ice cream on my head like you used to. :)
Thanks for all of your help with piano and for your great magic tricks. I am currently playing flute...and I couldn`t have gotten the drive to play an instrument if it wasn`t for your magic tricks. Your music is awesome.
With Care,
Elle ;)
faezehFeb 15th, 2009
veeeeeery good!
minaFeb 13th, 2009
you know, you are best and i`m proud of you... dar tarikhe moseghie iran
paeez talaee tekrar nashodanie... fariborz i`m proud of you .
HassanJan 30th, 2009
Unique,nowhere else you can find such a beautiful piece of music.truly iranian,hope this style of music will last.
Dariush ShahsavariJan 26th, 2009
I am speechless! When I listen to your music I feel I am closer to God! You are truly blessed for your talent and spirit. God bless you!
MDDec 18th, 2008
.. you music track; lonelines, made me live in a temperory moment for ever should have been the creator of the piano, piano playing existed for you ... only for you ..
nasim mirzajaniDec 12th, 2008
I can`t find words to describe this soul touching, divine music! The first time my music teacher played one of your songs for me, I involutarily started to cry. You make all Iranians so proud!
BaharehNov 29th, 2008
Beautiful music...
omidNov 28th, 2008
I started playing the piano because of your music 10 years ago. Now I mostly play Classical, but still your music sounds to me as before. It is Gorgeous, wonderful and delicate!
LindaNov 17th, 2008
Quite compelling, I must say. Your work is very inspiring and deep - thank you!
korkut ozkanNov 13th, 2008
thank you for your soul touching music also congradgulate your persians fans.
RezaNov 8th, 2008
I think Mr fariborz lachini is one of the best contemporary musicians in the world. all songs are Beautiful. Thanks.
Shahin Oct 20th, 2008
All Songs are really Romantic , forever. I love them
Mohammad Hosein AsgariOct 16th, 2008
You make us all proud to be Iranian!
Alex LockwoodOct 4th, 2008
Your music is absolutely incredible. It is how good on piano I wish to someday be. It soothes the soul and lifts the spirit in the most beautiful fashion I`ve ever heard. I hope you continue doing this, because the world is better with your wonderful melodies.
hosseinSep 25th, 2008
y r 1 of the persian proud dear lachini
AlSep 22nd, 2008
A priceless gift to the world of music
nawfal mohammedSep 7th, 2008
i cant say anything to u.because u have much humanity from us so u preduced this great pieces of music.u are real human mr lachini .nawfal from iraq
arghavanSep 6th, 2008
i have found your site very good.but i wish we could download the musics if we couldn`t find the cd of the musics
ehsanSep 5th, 2008
I live with your Golden Autumn...If it have not created by you i have died..I love u mr.lachini
Meghna Sep 4th, 2008
When I first listened to Golden Autumn, I was sure the composer was a contemporary of Vivaldi`s or another classical master`s. It`s extremely rare to find music of such calibre in the contemporary world, and I am thrilled to have discovered your compositions.
AlirezaAug 31st, 2008
a couple of years ago, when i was teaching English to a girl student, she gave me both the golden automn 1 and 2 as gift. the music touched me dramatically and i decided to learn the piano. now I`m teaching piano instead and still listening to and playing the golden automns from time to time. thank you Fariborz for the change you made in my life. Alireza from Tehran.
parvanehAug 26th, 2008
Dear Mr.Lachini
I love your Music.It`s fantastic and you are the BEST
thank you for your esistence
AvaAug 16th, 2008
Dear Mr.Lachini,
I know my parents have grown up with your songs and I personally really enjoy your music too. I know many perisan like me are very proud of you.
TinaJul 19th, 2008
besiar ziba..vaghan nemidunam chejoorii az honaretun taarif are a gifted persian...
AsitaJul 8th, 2008
Dear Mr Lachini,
you music is beautifull.
My german piano teacher is also totaly impressed and wants me to play nothing but your autumn sheets.
yours respectfully
SaeedJul 7th, 2008
Hello Mr.Lachini
you`re THE BEST. I can`t say anything about you.
Is your book called `Golden Autumn 3` published in Iran?
Thank you
  • Thanks a lot :-) Finally Golden Autumn 3 CD and Sheet Music is available in Iran through Soroud Publications.
    Tehran - Meidan Hafte Tir - Khiabane Doktor Mofateh Shomali - Ebtedaye Shiraz - No 27
    Telephone: 88836104
mehrdadJun 23rd, 2008
faghat *TANHAEE*
RamtinJun 23rd, 2008
you are the best musician i ever know
(kheyli dusetun daram)
sahar mohebbi Jun 23rd, 2008
man onvane yeki az bandehaye haghire shoma az tamame zahamate shoma motshakeram merci pour tout je ne vous oubliez au revoir
ArinJun 15th, 2008
I love all your songs. I also have many memories with them.
HomaJun 4th, 2008
I love your music and listen to it everyday now. I would love to have your Golden Autumn 1 where can I get it?
saharMay 22nd, 2008
I love your music mr. Lachini, and I live with your beautiful music.
ArminMay 10th, 2008
Hello ,
I heard a lot piano music , but yours is one the best that i ever heard , i feel just relaxing, proud of you.
kind regard
HosseinApr 24th, 2008
i`d appreciate if you can help me find requim of snow`s music!
  • It is on Best Soundtracks album.
BitaApr 16th, 2008
My husband Reza introduced me to you music as he plays the piano as well. I fell in love with it. Such emotion, such sensitivity, and such talent takes me out of this universe and brings me peace. Your music brings us peace and freedom. We meditate with it and enjoy it almost everyday. God bless you and your family.
Since you live in Toronto, are you giving any concerts? Is it possible to meet with you?
It would be an honor and an opportunity of a life time.
RezaApr 9th, 2008
I am Iranian and living in the dark refuge of Canada. I will vote for Mr. Lachini as the `King of Kings` of Iranian music. May your music bring peace to all the people of the world and especially to the people of Iran. May you be their unheard voice for peace and freedom.
Your music belongs in history.
Phil SilvaApr 7th, 2008
It`s difficult to speak about Lachini sound with words. Maybe because his musicallity is beyond feeling,like a shine light. It`s so outstanding the metamorphosis they made over us,that we can get a trip over many intemporal places,breathing better the life in our ears,like a paradise situation.
Divided between his sweet innocence and lightness of his fingers,Mr. Lachini composed truly pearl pieces. Comparing with Chopin, his fingers are much more precisely and engaging that they like a hymn about life and human capacity of imagination and sensibility.
A great genious without doubt.
Many regards,
Phil - from Brazil.
bitaMar 24th, 2008
hi are one of the best ,i love your songs .they are realy good
MaakaanFeb 22nd, 2008
you are iranian richard clyderman!!
GHAZWAN SALMANFeb 21st, 2008
When I listen to your music I feel there is real story beyond.
I love you music and your style.

God bless you,
Ghazwan Salman
MaakaanFeb 21st, 2008
hi Mr Lachini

I am your fanboy!!!!! I very very love your songs . Gharibeh is my soul...
anche is my body...
and ....

i live in tokyo.japanes pepeol love your songs too.

mahnazFeb 16th, 2008
I love your songs. they`re the best songs I had ever heard.
hosein alirezaeiJan 26th, 2008
hi mr lachini
i am your lover but i cannt find your songs
yasaminJan 17th, 2008
i love your songs
sam hedjasiDec 23rd, 2007
mr lachini I love your music and you guy too much
sam hedjasi
Los angeles
ZahraNov 20th, 2007
Hi Mr. Luchini,
your music touches the heart and it`s soothing. I have a son that started to play piano and I was wondering if you have any music book that I can buy or is there anyway I could find the music sheets for the songs.
SHADINov 16th, 2007
today,for the first time after years I listened to your music again and my heart was touched .
mona.BNov 12th, 2007
I love your song,you are the best.
FanOct 19th, 2007
I love your music. You, Maroufi and Rohani are really the best composer
catherineOct 13th, 2007
iNewAge.comSep 11th, 2007
We really love your music.
Happyday radio keep to try on your music .
We`ll do better than this.
Have a nice day, Mr. Lachini! - webmaster, Bach
mamadAug 5th, 2007
respect to your work and you produce Mr. Lachini, Love your work. Many thanks
karim MashayekhyJul 30th, 2007
Beautiful relaxing/ shaad/thought provoking music tracks & melodies music
FarzadJul 22nd, 2007
Caro Fariborz,
Sei la musica poetica della mia infanzia.
hesamJul 3rd, 2007
i love your music!
arminJun 6th, 2007
Dear lachni,
It is great pleasure and honour, that we have somebody like you in our cuntry, and we must proud of it,yours faithfully
imanJun 5th, 2007
love u
safaMay 31st, 2007
i love your music ,
how can i download more musics from u?
DavidMay 26th, 2007
Thanks for your feeling for your emotions,that reflected in these sountracks.
I am looking forward to hearing more music from you.
LahnaMay 20th, 2007
What a blessing to have discovered your music. Thank you from the USA
ParastuMay 3rd, 2007
Sound tracks are impressing and touch the hearth. I am looking forward to hearing more music from you.
Stephan in the United StatesApr 15th, 2007
Great music- subtle changes and wonderful transparency. I`m a true fan.
Patxi en californiaApr 2nd, 2007
Maestro you don
roozbeh malekzadehMar 31st, 2007
Your music is very sophisticated and at the same time tender and delicate. Just like what I had heard from you before. It`s beautiful to mix these two qualities and present them as one work!
EvaMar 29th, 2007
Dear Mr. Lachini! Thank you for your wonderful music. I just love it. Congratulations and best wishes:

Eva from Hungary
mojganMar 18th, 2007
dear Mr. Lachini
My son plays piano and he wants to play your beautiful `Paeeze Talaee.` could you please help us to find the music sheet. We are living in vancouver.
Best regards,
Behyar GhahramaniMar 15th, 2007
I wanted to congratulate you for your talent and hard work. I was preparing for an exam, and begun listening to your music while studying. I became so mesmerized by your music that I could no longer go back to my study.
Thanks again for being such a source of pride and joy.
Behyar Ghahramani
hosseinMar 8th, 2007
hi, thanks for your great musics. would you mind do me a favor! i wanna know how can i have requiem of Snow`s music. i have looked forward for it, but i havent found it in local stors. there is no tape and cd!
Aryan GhasemiyaniFeb 27th, 2007
I amazed at this website and what it has to offer,However at the time i have a hard time locating persian sites with Music to listen to
Aryan GhasemiyaniFeb 27th, 2007
I amazed at this website and what it has to offer,However at the time i have a hard time locating persian sites with Music to listen to
dougFeb 22nd, 2007
very nice site and music... very well presented
Thank you
kiaFeb 5th, 2007
can I download the notes of your much emotional and nice melodies by you?
saidehFeb 4th, 2007
Where can I find music notes for the flute part of `I Saw Your Father Last Night Aida` ?
Where can I get Persian flute music in general?
  • I`m afraid, the sheet music for Aida is not released
rasoolJan 22nd, 2007
in the name of ahooramazda.
i went to the music box in my college in iran,one of the pianist played.i listen and listen.. aah, went to emotion...
golden atumn ,atumn,atumn,{baghe bi bargi roozo shab tanhast...}
after and after,i understand you are a PERSIAN,and very happy.
now,when i remember played,i go to emotion.
i like your children.
shado dir zyy and bedrood.
elisabeth rona-laserJan 15th, 2007
I would like to buy the soundtrack of Snke Fang. Do you have it available? Regards Elisabeth
Anoosheh NiavaraniJan 14th, 2007
Dear Mr. Lachini
Thanks for your beautiful website.
I am one of your fans that dreamed with your songs, played your songs and could relax with them.
I had to leave Iran without bringing my piano but I brought golden Autum I music sheets with myself.
Today I listened to your songs again and again and it refreshed many good memories.

Thank you
shoham from israelJan 10th, 2007
Amir RafieianDec 20th, 2006
Dear Mr.Lachini
I Just Listen To The Selection Of Your Music & I Really Interested In.
Could You Tell Me How Can I Purchase Your Albums In Iran?.
Firas TaybehDec 20th, 2006
I salute you, You really touched something extraordinary inside me.
Ki-SooNov 20th, 2006
I am listening to Golden Autumn 3 right now and am enjoying it immensely! :)

Very beautiful and melodic with much emotion...
Mohammad GorjestaniOct 26th, 2006
Dear Mr. Lachini,

They say that music is cinema`s third dimension. The music you gracefully compiled and did for my film added a dimension that i had not even imagined. It gave a fresh breathe to the story and seemed to almost carry the image on its melody and especially at the end on its rhythm. Thank you so much for your kindness to my project and your beautiful music. My greatest thanks. God Bless.

-Mohammad Gorjestani
KhureleeOct 24th, 2006
OMG. I really really like all yo music. I`m looking for your albums in Mongolia. Boutique iz da best. Pls come here for a concert. I can help on that and find a sponsor easily.
SamirAOct 12th, 2006
Congratulations, WOW, dear Mr. Lachini, you are always the best, best in every thing, You are always the best teacher and best father and best friend and ,,, . I learned a lot from you and thanx a lot. your advices always helped me,. I miss you so much and believe that all iranians in iran and out of IR, are always proud of you, thanx for being such a nice guy, every body loves you,by the way, delam vase kelasaye roozaye jome lak zade :) Ostaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad shoma hamishe sarvare maeeid. hope ke har che saritar bebinimetoon.Hamishe salamato shad bashid.
TitiOct 3rd, 2006
I`m so happy with your music.


How fasanating and
moving !! Your music reminds me of the moment when mom kissed me on my face in silence .

Thanks a lot .

From South Korea
rustamSep 18th, 2006
the best music room afghaanse music from holland good zinger rustam pansjheri
michaelSep 7th, 2006
The sepidar album is just unique, it has remind me some unreachable memory that I`d lost`em
Sangeeta DigheSep 1st, 2006
Hello Mr.Lachini, I have seen Irani films through festivals, thats how got acquainted with Iran.Today, in a bit off mood, tried to look for good music and I found through your compositions.. truly thankful to you for the solace I could feel. What can I offer you in return? .. Can only pray to the God and say - Let there be smile in his eyes..always. Thanks again..With best regards,Sangeeta{In my language it means the one to whom the music comes to}- Mumbai, India.
  • Thanks a lot Sangeeta.
soheilaAug 25th, 2006
hello happy birth day iwas listening and watching your site that i saw
your date of birth ,so i hope you have nice time with happiness becouse your
espicial person in the world and iran.when i listen to your music it takes me to
beautiful land s in iran and i feel it.

withlove &best wishes
  • Thanks Soheila
paulAug 13th, 2006
pure emotion from the soul, thank you for broadening my world
zeinabJun 30th, 2006
i love ur music and hope to hear more soon. thank u for the musics. khodanegahdor.
Mishall the Great SoulApr 26th, 2006
beauty and wings of mountains!
André van HarenApr 5th, 2006
Hi mr. Lachini.

I am a very big fan of film music and trying to learn myself for years already how to write effective for orchestra. I am most interessted in the old film movie style of music and was wondering if you have some tips or sites how I can improve my craft.

best wishes,
André van Haren, Sweden
CHRISTINEMar 30th, 2006
MR Lachini,I came across this website I cant express how much emotion I felt while listening to this its the most beatiful music I have ever heard I lived in iran from 78-89 I am an ameican lady whoes ex hsuband is in film business and we assocated with many people in the business one of which is Kombez ROSHANRVAN thank you for your music I played in a iranian film called HEY JOE MS.ansari
Mohamad AbasiMar 21st, 2006
Dear Mr. Lachini: congratulation on your excellent creations. I am a musician and have taught your piano pieces to lots of my students.
Mohamad Abasi,
qaiskaka@yahoo.comFeb 27th, 2006
SlipperFeb 14th, 2006
Hi i like your country and your people.
walter guntendorferFeb 11th, 2006
deine musik hat mir voll gefallen. ich bin ein oesterreicher. alles gute
walter guntendorfer.
Siamak from Los AngelesFeb 6th, 2006
Dear Fariborz,
Your work is incredible, it`s just awsome. My girlfriend always plays your work and we both love it. It reminds me of my childhood, my old memories of my homecountry, Iran...
Sara HakimiJan 7th, 2006
Love your music! it`s awesome!!!!!!!!!
Wish u all the best!
aminJan 1st, 2006
very good
golden autumn
hamidDec 30th, 2005
MeLisSaNov 24th, 2005
i just wanna say i Love this website... i admire all your work.
your music great u have always been someone i looked up to.. my inspiration.. that kept me going in music.
wish you all the best of luck. thanks for bringing so much meaning to music.
zahraOct 28th, 2005
wow!! the soundtracks, and the musics are lovely..thats all i can say
oh by the way, why did you deleted the `payeeze talayee`?? i downloaded it before, but its been cleared off of my computer. i soo...want it. please put on your website plz plz plz...:(
Middle East Information CenterOct 14th, 2005
It is rarity to find such beautiful music that brings out the many cultures of Persia and the near east. All the best.
FlexiMusicSep 22nd, 2005
With best wishes from Fleximusic - India. We offer audio editing and music creation software dedicated to home and professional users.-Gayathiri
Jim PatersonSep 13th, 2005
Best wishes from mfiles. Our film music section covers the work of many film composers and features soundtrack reviews.
AndreaSep 9th, 2005
your music is so beautiful and evocative.....
All that we see or seem,
Is but a dream within a dream....
Love from Toronto,
erica saffronSep 6th, 2005
WOW! This is absolutely incredible.
ShahramSep 2nd, 2005
Being a classic piano performer since about 30 years, I came to know persian music for piano through the works of Maestro Marufi, et accidentally came to know Mr Lachini`s site. And I can proudly say that Mr Lachini composes a really well elaborated music.I think that Mr Lachini`s music can , should, and could be a very good learning instrument specially for the beginners.And for the experimented players it is a delight for the soul to play this soft music. A thousand bravos to you Mr Lachini. I loved this site, and long live forever the PERSIAN MUSIC AND CULTURE
GretchenAug 22nd, 2005
very beautiful music...i could definitely listen to a whole cd of these melodies....
zahraAug 17th, 2005
i dunno wut 2 saye!! i jus can say luv it luv it luv it...
HappylandsAug 2nd, 2005
wonderful music..................peace
Michael ZahorakJun 20th, 2005
Nice pieces. They`re great background music ... Keep it up. Luckily I can`t say much because I don`t have any music on my site, but hey. Canadians should stick together.
RandyMason/ JINXJun 20th, 2005
Your music is dope, unlike anythin my ears ever heard, mad love and respect
Freshest Kid comin out The nYC
Listen, Feel, Enjoy